5 Tips for Social Media Video Marketing

August 29, 2023

Change can be scary. We get that. But even with traditional channels fading into the ether and social media continuing its march to the top, your content can still reign supreme. So long as you follow our five best practices for using video messaging in social media.

1. Establish a Dynamic Presence

Whether YouTube, Instagram Reels, TikTok, or all of the above, creating a unique, appealing profile provides a solid footing from which you and your content can build.
For example, begin with an engaging introduction video and follow-up with branded content that will populate your audience’s suggested videos lists.

2. Create Video Content in Bite-Sized Morsels

Social media is the land of endless scrollers. You have a handful of seconds to capture their attention and, even when successful, usually only hold it for a minute or two. At most.

To that point, create short, easily digestible content, preferably vertical videos that naturally lend themselves to a mobile device. This will help attract viewers and drive engagement.

3. Collaborate with Creators and Influencers

Don’t sleep on the power of social authority. Instead, include partnerships with influential content creators in your messaging strategy, focusing on engagement with their fan base.

Despite having fewer followers, even micro and nano influencers can yield significant viewership results for your content if you can connect with their niche audiences.

4. Experiment with Tailored Ads

Aside from standard – but short form – video content, try running some targeted ads on the platforms to supplement your organic efforts. This technique can be especially powerful when launching a new product or promoting a new service.

Remember, even though it’s an ad, you should still educate your audience. The best video ads will educate and appeal, whether for branding, promotion, or anything else.

5. Create Branded or Serialized Videos

You know all of that binge watching you partake in every Friday night? That dynamic can also help you find success with social media video content. Try launching a branded series around a specific theme, whether it’s educational, entertaining, or purely informative.

The idea is to hook the audience and keep them engaged across additional content.

Let Castleview Lead the Way!
How do we know so much about social media video messaging? Because we do it every day for our clients. From branding content and cross promotions to working with influencers, we create authentic video messaging with high production values that speak to your audience and leave them wanting more.