How To Recession-Proof Your Video Marketing Plan

February 14, 2023

So this is what 2023 looks like. In some ways, things are clearer than they were the last few trips around the sun, while in others, they’re hazier than they’ve been in decades. Yes, we’re looking at you, domestic economy.

But what does a potential recession mean for your business and marketing efforts in 2023? Well, it’s probably a good time to be a bit more deliberate. I’ll explain.

Marketing on a Tighter Budget

Since most organizations are looking at their budget and operations with a more concerting eye right now, we’re starting with a reminder on an all-too-common trap businesses fall into when the economy stutters a bit:

Marketing is a core component of your operations, not a budgetary sacrificial lamb that should disappear when finances get tighter.

In other words, hitting pause on your messaging just means you’re forgoing audience engagement and brand awareness when you need it most. As an alternative, I have a few tips to make your video marketing strategy as potent as possible while still minding a tighter budget:

Spotlight People in Your Content

There’s a lot more than the economy weighing on people’s minds these days. So, while storytelling is always essential to your messaging, it’s particularly important when the audience could really use a pick-me-up.

Specifically, point the camera toward your people and tell their story, the role they play in your company, and how your culture aligns with your customers’ values and perspectives.

Bulk Up on Evergreen B-Roll

Although your b-roll library can’t ever really get too big, that doesn’t mean you should indiscriminately spend on it. During economic turbulence, it’s usually best to invest in video shoots that will provide evergreen footage you’ll always have a need for – shots of facilities, store fronts, employees, and offices come to mind.

Sure, these insights are only a drop in the budgetary bucket. But really optimizing your video marketing in leaner times depends on your industry, objectives, and specific constraints. Thankfully, that happens to be one of our strengths here at Castleview, so let’s sit down and develop a customized 2023 game plan for your business. You’ll be glad you did.

And for additional best practices on recession-proofing your sales and marketing, be sure to check out the recent blog from our friends at Red Fan Communications.