“No-Contact” Production Solutions
Safety-minded options for creating content for your brand

Keep Creating

The demand for new video content hasn’t gone away, but social distancing can make video production challenging. So how do you produce a video in the midst of a pandemic?

Castleview is committed to #keepcreating for our clients and we've designed solutions to meet today's challenges.

Our series of “no-contact” video solutions allow you to get your message across through video, even under the most difficult circumstances.

Motion Graphics

Just like with traditional production, we start by working with you to develop the concept and write the script.

Then, we have our motion graphics artists design a layout and storyboard and share them with you for approval.

Finally, we get work creating the full motion graphics piece, adding music and voiceover to bring it all together – all without leaving the safety of our respective homes.

Existing Footage – Scripted

Another “no contact” solution involves editing together existing footage to create a completely new scripted video. We can use our stock footage resources, footage you own or even user-filmed content that we secure the rights to.

Again, the process starts with us coming up with a smart concept and writing the script.

Then we find the footage to go with it and edit that together with music, adding voiceover and/or motion graphics to complete the story.

Existing Footage – Unscripted

We also have the ability to conduct and capture interviews via video-conferencing.

Then we edit together sound bites from the interviews to tell your story and add in existing footage, music and motion graphics to create an effective docu-style video.


In certain cases, we can also make our studio available for filming.

To ensure the safety of our staff and clients in these situations, we have established strict safety and sanitation guidelines that will be rigorously enforced.