The Power of Documentary Filmmaking

August 19, 2022

Your audience can smell a fake from a mile away. They’ve seen it all at this point, and just don’t have the patience for it anymore. Instead, they want authenticity, brands that have the audacity to leave the saccharine-sweet messaging behind and actually be genuine with people. Go figure.
But how can you be genuine and still engage your customers? Won’t they get bored with plain old reality? The answer is an emphatic no, as long as you’re utilizing the sharpest arrow in your content quiver – documentary filmmaking – in the most engaging way possible.

Documentary Film Hits Humans in the Feels

Human beings have been storytellers since the Plesitocene. It’s kind of our thing. And while anyone with half an imagination is down for a good yarn or two, an age-old adage will always win out – truth is greater than reality.

That’s exactly what documentaries lend to your voice. Sincerity. Veracity. An uncluttered, non-GMO peek into what your brand is all about. And if you’re able to capture that voice in a compelling, innovative, unique way, your customers will feel enraptured by your message. If you build it, they will come.

Finding the Right Partner and Perspective

Documentary film can move the engagement needle like no other format, a trait largely responsible for its recent spike in popularity. However, hitting the audience in the feels obviously isn’t as easy as picking up a smartphone, turning on the sepia filter, and hoping your inner Werner Herzog shines through.

Instead, it’s a matter of finding your perspective in the narrative, that unique point-of-view that drives brand recognition, educates your customers, and persuades them to take action. And that’s where the right partner enters the fray, able to harness the inherent power documentaries hold into a concise piece, something that tells the story behind your brand or focuses on a cause you care about. Ultimately, you need a partner that has the experience and expertise to drive your messaging home, while also meshing well with your culture and values. Ideally, you should feel like you know them personally, the kind of people you’d want to have a drink with after a video shoot, swapping stories and having a good time. Drop us a line to learn more about the documentary work we do and how it can work for your brand.