Strategizing a Video Marketing Campaign

November 5, 2020

Last time we spoke, we went down the video planning rabbit hole pretty deep. The thing is, as spot-on as our insights were, even the best-laid plans won’t help you open doors, rattle cages, and make the audience sit up straight and take notice. At least by themselves.

So how do you take that fantastic, thoughtful plan you developed and transform it into views, clicks, conversions, and all the other funny-sounding metrics we watch so closely these days?

That’s where strategy enters the fray. It’s the place where the rubber hits the road, and it can make or break any video marketing campaign. Except yours, of course, once you finish reading a few tips I have on strategizing your video marketing campaigns.

Grab Attention Quickly…and Hold on for Dear Life

As disheartening as it is to hear for so many reasons, human beings have about the same attention spans as goldfish these days. About eight-seconds. And I’m able to back that up with some completely unscientific observations of people scrolling through their social media feeds, where eight seconds feels extremely generous.

Therefore, when strategizing your video content, your initial goal is to grab the audience by the lapels and keep your grasp tight. That obviously makes your video thumbnail immensely important, figuratively screaming at the viewer to knock them out of their scrolling lull.

But that initial attention is only half the battle because afterward, you’re fighting to extend those eight measly seconds. In other words, throw in your deepfakes, deep focus, deep dives into whatever will make the audience stick around upfront. Like it or not, you can’t explain why your widget is best when the audience has already exited the building.

Engagement Is a Balancing Act

Now that you’ve compelled the viewer to stick around, it’s time to strategize on your delivery. Granted, much of this discussion revolves around your industry and product. For example, a funeral home is going to have a different tone and style than a trampoline bouncehouse for kids. I hope.

Whatever your target audience segment looks like, though, you’re still strategizing for the same things:

  • Tone
  • Language
  • Visuals
  • Narrative style
  • Call-to-action

Put another way, your video content must find a balance between informative and compelling. This way, you’re rewarding the audience for sticking around by delivering content they’ll find educational, entertaining, or beneficial in some way.

So are any of these tips easy or intuitive? Usually not. But that’s okay because Castleview is always here to help you find the audience engagement promised land. We’ll sit down with you to help strategize your campaigns to maximize impact. And that’s the sort of thing your customers, stakeholders, and bottom line will all appreciate.