Using Video to Increase Your Marketing ROI

May 4, 2023

In a world filled with generic, half-hearted blogs and cookie cutter content, companies have an ace-in-the-hole that they’re needlessly leaving on the bench – video. And I’m going to explain why.

The Impact of Video on Marketing ROI

In a recent report from our good friends at Semrush, articles with at least one embedded video receive 70% more traffic than those without. I’ll repeat the statistic for dramatic effect – seventy percent.

That’s what we in the business call a game-changer. Even a king-maker if you play your cards right. But, of course, statistics are only empty numbers if you don’t know how to game plan around them. So, for that reason, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can integrate and utilize video in your content to supercharge your messaging and audience engagement

1. Social Media Platforms

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and even LinkedIn to a growing extent – they all favor video content. Therefore, creating and sharing short but high-quality videos will allow you to tap into that massive audience and drive traffic to your website.

2. Educate through Video

People might not always crave overt “educational” videos, but many are still there to learn something. So, besides the product instructional videos that will always have a time and place, try to pepper in some learnin’ with the entertainin’ you do.

Maybe that’s a factoid about your business, a spotlight on a worker, or just a bit of trivia on any given topic. The point is, by educating in some way, you’re either building trust in your company and products, engaging the audience at a deeper level, or both.

3. Leverage Video Testimonials

Video testimonials from satisfied customers impact potential customers’ purchasing decisions, serving as social proof and, once again, instilling trust in your brand.

Optimizing Your Video Content for Maximum Impact

So where do you even begin with video? I’m glad you asked.

– Invest in quality – use the right camera and impactful audio with experienced specialists leading the show

– Optimize for search engines – always include relevant keywords in video titles, descriptions, and tags to appease the search engine gods and rank higher in the SERP

– Use a clear call-to-action (CTA) – give the viewer a roadmap for next steps to follow after watching a video

Now, is it as simple as all of that? Nope. But that’s okay, because Rome wasn’t built in a day. In fact, that’s why Castleview exists in the first place – to help your messaging come to life with immersive, engaging video. So let’s talk and see how we can transform your marketing into an unparalleled advantage for your organization.