When to Use Animation in Video

November 11, 2021

Imagine what your company’s messaging would be like if budget was never an issue. Big, bold, and daring, limited only by your imagination and what the most cutting-edge VFX platform can provide. It’s nice to daydream about, isn’t it?

But that’s what makes animation such a powerful ally in your quest to educate, impress, or motivate your target audience. With animation, it’s not so much your budget constraining your video content as it is your imagination. And that, as they say, is a good problem to have.

Simplifying the Complex
Although your audience is smart and discerning, even the sharpest customers or employees can have trouble processing and understanding complex concepts.

Sure, you could hand them an instruction manual or create a talking head video and hope for the best. However, your best bet might be to create an animated video to explain those complexities.

With animation, you control the speed of the narrative. Have something especially dense to explain? Well, a slow-paced animation can walk them through the steps and ensure rock solid understanding.

Fast, Precise Messaging

Your audience usually consumes media in the thick of some heavy duty multitasking, often on a mobile device. Therefore, you don’t have much time to hook the viewer before they swipe you into oblivion.

The fact that nearly 70% of people now watch social media videos on mute only makes your job that much more challenging. Therefore, unless you pull a Charlie Chaplin-esque rabbit out of your messaging hat, animated content can grab the audience by the metaphorical lapels and quickly engage them, whether they watch it on mute or at thrash metal concert decibels.

Think BIG

Finally, as I said up top, animation usually doesn’t have the same budgetary or technological constraints as other film formats. Granted, you can always shoot for the Pixar moon and blow out your budget in 30 seconds but – and let’s be honest – is that really what your messaging needs?

With animation, you can be cost-conscious and still immerse the viewer with something as bold as taking them to a different planet or subtle as catching their eye with a dancing font. Whatever you’re trying to achieve with the animation, though, one thing is for certain – Castleview has the experience and skills to make it happen.