Planning Out Your Video Content, Part Deux

October 28, 2021

Last time I spoke about the importance of preparation in your video content strategy, particularly on ways to categorize different types of video for different needs.

Now I want to build on those insights by helping you figure out what to focus on first. Just remember, every organization is like a snowflake so what might work well for one might be a bust for another. In other words, take these tips as a starting point, not as gospel.

Prioritize Your Content

Now that you’ve categorized your content, it’s time to prioritize production by your needs. For example, if you’re a startup smack dab in the middle of a significant growth spurt, you’re probably focused on two things – talent and capital.

In this case, pitch videos are probably your priority since they can address both of your needs. That said, to revisit one of my earlier points, you don’t want to use the same pitch video for recruiting and investors since they’re wildly different audiences. However, both are vital to your growth so each should be toward the top of your to-do list.

Read the Room and Distribute Wisely

It’s also important to keep the individuals watching your videos in mind as you create your content. Are you targeting a marketing director, content creator, potential financial overlord, or some other specific audience segment? Because they all react to messaging in different ways.

Just as importantly, the various segments across your audience frequent different places. A creative type might live for their Instagram feed while an investor only pays attention to LinkedIn. Thus, you not only must tailor your video content to the viewer but also distribute it through the channels that give you the best chance for snagging quality views.

Between our previous insights on categorizing your needs and this latest round on prioritizing and distributing your content, you might feel a bit overwhelmed at the moment. We promise it gets easier, though, and it’s definitely worth your time and effort. But we understand that you also have a business to run, and that’s exactly why our team of specialists here at Castleview exists – to make sure your video messaging hits the mark every time, no matter who or what that mark might be.